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Musician/Artist Mr. Wu Ding
Wu Ding, the first generation of Chinese rock musicians, is the core figure of the Tang Dynasty, the pioneer and leader of heavy metal rock music in China. From 1988 to the present, Wu Ding and his band Tang Dynasty have gone through numerous ups and downs, eventually became viral in the country with their music. His album "A Dream Return to Tang Dynasty (Meng Hui Tang Chao)" became an indelible classic in the Chinese music industry. Subsequent releases such as "Epic", "Romantic Knight", and "The Internationale" have also continued Tang Dynasty's heavy metal aesthetic. Wu Ding's passion and pursuit of art determine that his creations are not limited to notes but also to his incredible imagination of the sky and dreams. Based on his own observations and experiences, Wu Ding has never stopped creating his paintings.

This time, Wu Ding works together with Hong Kong cultural and creative platform and fan community - BAZHUAYU. As a musician and artist, he aims to create brand new audio-visual artwork by combining experimental electronics and paintings through NFT assets, leading the audience to walk into his abstract yet intense inner world.
NFT content platform and fan community of cultural and entertainment in the Web 3.0 Era.
Welcome to the new world of WEB3.0! BAZHUAYU is an NFT (Non-fungible token) asset publishing platform focusing on culture, creativity, art, and entertainment.

NFT is an increasingly popular blockchain technology, and we believe that the content industry is one of the best places for it to be used. 

On BAZHUAYU’s platform, we will invite major NFT brands, film and television stars, singers, and independent creators in the new world of web 3.0, bringing a personalized NFT content experience to users and creating a brand new community for fans.

We believe that attracting both real world and crypto communities is the key. The premise of doing so is having quality content and a wider audience; rather than struggling in the old crypto world, it is better to create a new form of content in the 3.0 world, embracing the new era! 
What is NFT?
The full name of NFT in English is Non-Fungible Token, which means it is not interchangeable. It is a digital token that is generated based on blockchain smart contract technology and has the two characteristics of indivisibility and uniqueness. It can be used to represent tangible and intangible items. NFT applications are diverse, such as game props, digital artwork, tickets, records, etc. Since digital files can be duplicated wirelessly, it is difficult to determine the ownership. NFT tokens can solve this problem by proving that a digital file is a unique "original file" through the blockchain.
By purchasing the NFT, you own the digital content, including non-tamperable ownership, access rights, and other rights and interests. Most importantly, you will be able to transfer the ownership of the content through the blockchain anytime and anywhere and realize potential value-added possibilities. As a content creator, you can automatically obtain royalties from these NFT transactions through smart contracts. You no longer need to implement the settlement and copyright protection through a centralized institution.	
Proprietary Chip Authentication
Suppose an NFT product released on the BAZHUAYU platform is associated with a physical entity. In that case, we will require the content creator to associate a proprietary chip with the irreplaceable token (NFT) on the Ethereum/Binance Smart Chain, authenticating the unique identity of each item. The NFT associated with the chip can be read with the BAZHUAYU App, which corresponds to the individual authentication information of the product. Once the authentication is completed, the NFT will be stored in the users' wallets.